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Illness-Related Information

Regarding COVID-19 (updated 4/1/2020)

As you might imagine, staff and providers in our office are doing everything we can to minimize the risks and exposure related to COVID-19; while we previously asked that those who were ill or were susceptible to illness remain at home, we have moved to a "mandatory social distancing" model where we are attempting to see all patients virtually and from a distance.  Please read the entirety of this page prior to calling or messaging your provider.


Patients have a few choices:
1. You can meet with Dr. Moore via VSee, which is the software we use for telepsychiatry (directions below).

  • You will need to call our office at 425-968-5948 or message Dr. Moore ASAP to confirm that you plan on keeping your appointment and attending virtually. If you call and leave a voicemail or send a message, please understand that you may not receive a reply regarding this issue, as our staff are currently quite busy with many similar requests; rest assured that we will make sure to see you at your scheduled time with this notice, however. By doing this, you will hold your spot for your appointment and help our staff to remain efficient and help as many patients as possible; if we cannot confirm your appointment, you may lose your time slot.

    • All Washington-based insurance plans are required by law to cover telepsychiatry/telehealth services. While we cannot absolutely confirm coverage for other plans, it would seem that nearly all plans are now covering telehealth services - some even waiving co-pays, co-insurance, etc.

    • If you have ANY other insurance provider (including out of state BCBS plans), please CALL your insurance company. Ask if they cover video or telehealth appointments with a "GT or 95 modifier" or "service location 02." Occasionally, they will ask for a specific procedure code; 99213, 99214, 90833, and 90836 are our most commonly used codes for follow-up appointments. Ask for a reference number for the call. Send the reference number and any information they provided about your coverage to Dr. Moore via the patient portal. While unlikely, if services end up not being covered (and we do all that we can on our end), the balance will become due from the patient directly.

    • We may be able to offer telehealth services beyond this period of social distancing on a case-by-case basis.

    • If we do not receive any response from our attempts to contact you either via email or via phone and you miss your scheduled appointment, applicable fees will apply; furthermore, if we have confirmed your virtual appointment with you and you do not attend said appointment, applicable fees will apply per our policies.

2. If you are unable to attend virtually, you may also reschedule your appointment with no late-cancellation fees associated.

  • If services are likely to be covered, we do not recommend that you do this; Dr. Moore always request your return at a specific time for a reason. For those with insurance plans that may not typically cover telehealth services, your plan may be making exceptions at this time. You are also able to pay our cash rate if no coverage is offered. 

  • To reschedule, please call our offices at 425-968-5948 ASAP; if you leave a voicemail, we will respond ASAP to assist. You will need to message Dr. Moore separately to request a bridge prescription if we are moving your appointment to a later date and you will not have enough medication. Please understand that such bridge prescriptions are on a case-by-case basis and may require a visit prior to approval; applicable fees for refills outside of an appointment remain in effect, per our policies.

  • We are currently planning to return to in-person appointments whenever Bellevue schools return to in-person meetings. This is currently scheduled to happen as of April 27th.

Given the circumstances, your assistance in this manner helps us to plan and schedule as many patients as we can. If further services are affected, we will keep you updated. Our staff remain in-office even if the providers are working from home. We hope everyone is able to do what they can to remain safe and healthy in this challenging time and we will do whatever we can to help. We hope to see everyone back in-office soon!


VSee Clinic Set Up Instructions​

***VSee is currently adapting to much higher-than-normal usage. If you find a related error message after following the below instructions, Dr. Moore will meet you instead at https://doxy.me/spectrapsych.

  • 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment, visit your provider's VSee Clinic page on your computer or mobile device. It is strongly recommended to utilize the software on a computer versus a cellphone; if using a cellphone, wi-fi generally provides a more stable connection.

  • You can choose to register for an account or "Proceed as Guest."

  • The system will ask for your first and last name. There are options to enter your reason for visit, etc.; you do not need to complete this information. You will need to consent to the authorization listed.

  • The system will ask you to either install the VSee application or continue if you already have it installed. Following this, you will be placed into the waiting room.

  • Dr. Moore will start the visit as close to your scheduled time as possible.

    • All patients must be able to remain in a private area during their session. We recommend utilizing headphones if possible.

    • Patients 17 years of age and younger should start the session alone; we will include parents, etc. as indicated.

    • If you are more than 10 minutes late in terms of joining the session, you will likely need to reschedule by calling our office.

    • Patients seeing Dr. Moore for the first time (90 minute appointment) cannot utilize VSee via mobile device and must utilize a computer.

  • ***If you do not have access to the technology necessary to utilize VSee, please let our office staff know and we will do what we can to assist.